Welcome to the "This Isn't All" home page. I couldn't come up with a suitable series name that wasn't already in use, so I decided to use that friendly reminder in the back of so many series books to not throw away the dust jacket. If nothing else I hope it is something that you can remember (and of course there is no apostrophe in the WWW name). And while this site certainly isn't all, it is intended to be a fun place to investigate and discover new things about children's series books. Over time various aspects of collecting will be covered but most of the information will be directed toward the older series. Older being defined as those that started prior to 1950, perhaps back as far as 1900. All series may be considered, including boys, girls, and juvenile. An emphasis, if there is one, may be toward dust jackets and illustrations. There has been no serious research done for anything that will be presented here. It is the result of knowledge gained from collecting and general information available, primarily on the internet. There is no intent to duplicate or reproduce information that is available from other sources. Some references and links to other sites will be added. Clicking on an icon from the menubar at the top of this page will take the user to an associated page. The options that are currently available are described below. The menu options will remain active regardless of the page visited and can be selected at any time to redirect the user to a different page. I believe that all icons in use are in the public domain or permission has been given to use them. If you discover one that is not please let me know and I will replace it.

I am not a computer or programming expert, so the pages will be a little crude. Hopefully they will work. Maybe someday I will hire the work out to a professional to make the site more esthetic. This was originally created for use on Internet Explorer but I have since taken considerable effort (and much frustration) to make it function with Opera, Chrome, Safari, and FireFox as well. Some pages will NOT work with Safari or Chrome. Please inform me if there are parts of this that do not function with one of these browsers and I will try to correct it. Other browsers will probably not work and I simply can't take any more time to make it compatible with others.

Regretfully some of these pages may be a little difficult to work with. Making them interactive requires that they have some complexity. However by reading the instructions and with a little practice they should be mastered rather quickly. Some of it will not be intuitive or work as expected. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Note: Some of the pages can take quite a while to initialize. Different browsers seem to be affected more on different pages, so be patient. Once initialized then they will be reasonably responsive (dial up systems may not be suitable for this site). The Price Guide is probably the slowest to initialize, and the For Sale page and the Illustrations page can may also be slow.

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Home Page:  
Clicking on the 'Home' icon (the image of the This Isn't All page at the far left) will return the user to this page.

Laura Lee Hope:  
This site is primarily dedicated to series that were credited to Laura Lee Hope as the author. While there are several of these this site will be limited to the ones for older girls, namely The Outdoor Girls, The Moving Picture Girls, and the Blythe Girls. This will be a major undertaking and is currently about one percent complete. It really isn't ready to be offered yet but since it will be a long time before it is I will put what is currently in place to give an idea of what the overall goal is. Most of it will not work or will have obvious mistakes. Please do not bother to report these as this is a known state. To date only The Outdoor Girls has had anything added to it, and only the first title is reasonably complete. It is the pattern that will be used for the others. Realistically the site will never be completed but information will be added as time and priorities allow.

Price Guide:  
This 'Price Guide' has been created from information I have gathered from eBay sales of series books. For the most part it pertains only to sales of books with dust jackets. The information should be considered on the basis that it would be essentially impossible to monitor all sales, and there are many variables which affect price, so the data is somewhat unreliable. On the other had it has been gathered carefully over several years and represents thousands of auctions. If you want a guide as to what a book might be expected to sell for on eBay this should prove helpful. NOTE: as of November 2008 I have quit adding data to the price guide. It was becoming too time consuming. Every time eBay would change its output format I would have to rewrite my programs. It was getting harder to maintain accuracy because of this as well. I hope the information will still prove useful for some time to come.

These are intended to be a test of your knowledge about series books, but really are just for fun. Only a long time and 'serious' student of series books would be expected to score much more than what can be guessed at. The real purpose is to add to a person's knowledge while having fun. Some will not enjoy these at all, so it is for those that do. If you enjoy the artwork of the early dust jackets and illustrations then it should prove interesting. Hopefully more pages can be added but they are time consuming to put together and there is so much to do, and so little time to do it. The quizzes available so far are two concerning dust jackets and one related to glossy illustrations from girls series. I need to do an equivalent with boys series. So far I have used images that are in my personal collection so the extent of material used is limited. Maybe someday I can gather more data and make it more complete. (I have added several more quizzes just for fun -- some have nothing to do with series books at all.)

At this time I have no intention of selling any books. However some day I might. This page will only give a glimpse of how I might setup a sales page. I have (partially) created a virtual library of my books. A tooltip will give what the title is and clicking on the book will display lots of good information and images. This is another effort that needs more time than I have to finish. (Note that all my prices are set at $1000, that actually suggests they are not for sale (of course if you really want to spend...)).

This is an interactive page where you can view a lot of illustrations in different ways. For example you can select all illustrations from a given series, or select all the illustrations by a particular artist. Again, I am starting out with limited data but intend to add to this section as soon as possible. This will be my priority section for the near future.

Research Assistant:  
This little book worm, whom I call my research assistant, likes to find out all the information he can about a series and share it with others. This may feature just about any series I can gather data for, but will try to focus on those that aren't commonly found on other sites.

This page is intended to contain information or images that don't necessarily pertain to a particular series. For starters it contains images by Pelagie Doane from the Five Little Peppers series. Other itmes will be added from time to time.

Judy Bolton Discussions:  
This is a compilation of the discussions of the Judy Bolton books conducted by the Judy Bolton Fans Yahoo Group. The books are summarized by the discussion 'leader' and then commented on by the group members. There are a lot of interesting ideas and if you are a fan of Judy Bolton and Margaret Sutton you should enjoy these. Discussion of other books is being planned for the near future, and I will try to add in a few more of the previous ones. You can visit the Yahoo Group by clicking here.

After clicking on the Judy Bolton menu icon above a page will open with a few small illustrations from the dust jackets or covers. Just click on one to view the discussion information. They are a little hard to see so the tooltip may be helpful to locate the desired title. When reading the chapter summaries you can click on text that is highlighted in green to display comments relative the text.

Series Girls in the Military:  
This page has a variety of material dealing with girls series books which were published during or about war time. It is a tribute to all the service men and women who have served their country.

Series Books Websites:  
This page will display a group of links to other web sites related to series books. If you have a site that you would like to have added just send me an email with the name of the site. In general I want to promote sites that add to the knowledge and fun of collecting series books, not for profit sites.

Let Me Hear from You:
When time allows and I figure out how to do it I will add a guest book. I would like to know who visited and what you think about it. For now you can email me . If there are any mistakes or something doesn't work right please let me know.

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